9,347,765 – Real time SD-OCT with distributed acquisition and processing

Spectral Domain OCT Relies heavily on the Fourier Transform to map interferometer frequency to depth information. Around the time CardioSpectra was forming, NVIDIA launched CUDA as an alpha (Pre version 1.0) and it was quickly realized that the GPU was going to outperform the GPU when it came to floating point calculations for batches of data, such as a B-Scan.

The choice was made to use Labview for the CardioSpectra OCT software, so this was really my first time writing libraries, in this case the Window's flavor of the dynamic linked library that wrapped the CUDA code into a C++ library that was callable by Labview.

Lessons Learned:

    • Release vs. Debug libraries
    • Visual Studio is a great IDE
    • Time the latency at all stages of the algorithm, from reading / writing / processing to get a good comparison