History of OpenCLV

This was my first foray into selling software services as a hobby. I packaged OpenCL into LabVIEW and offered it as extension on the LabVIEW store. No one bought it, and I decided to Open Source it, because why not? Not many hobbiests use LabVIEW due to the cost for a license, but if you can use it, feel free to.

What does OpenCLV do?

OpenCLV can quickly bring OpenCL computing to your LabVIEW™ application without the need to worry about the surrounding OpenCL framework.

  • Easily interrogate and configure one or more OpenCL devices
  • Integrate existing OpenCL programs and kernels into LabVIEW™
  • Create multiple devices to run in parallel
  • Focus on OpenCL code, not the surrounding framework
  • Easily allocate, write, and read OpenCL device memory or OpenCL image memory
  • Use built in signal processing functions to quickly get started using the GPU:
    • FFT
    • Gradient
    • Laplacian
    • Divergence
    • Anisotropic Filter
    • Convolution

What does OpenCLV cost?

Nothing!  OpenCLV is open source now.  You can get the latest code at:



Setting arguments to a custom kernel
Setting arguments to a custom kernel